Workshop FELASA
« Classification and Reporting of Severity of Procedures »

Hosted by Anne-Dominique DEGRYSE, David ANDERSON and Bogdan MARINESCU

Thursday October 12, 2017 from 09h30 till 13h00
Location Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
Alexandru Locusteanu Hall

Subscription obligatory (Number of participants limited at 48)

Directive 2010/63/EU introduced the requirement for the classification of procedures (Art 15) during the application for project authorisation to use animals in scientific procedures: prospective severity classification. It also introduced the requirement to report the actual severity experienced by each animal used in a procedure. Both these processes provide opportunities to refine the adverse effects of procedures, with the objective to improve animal welfare throughout.

Consistency of assignment of severity categories across Member States is a key requirement and it will ultimately contribute to the harmonisation of the reported statistical use of animals for scientific purposes.

The FELASA/ECLAM/ESLAV Working Group, having worked on the implementation of the Directive with specific examples of severity classification of procedures, has hosted several Workshops during the FELASA 2016 Congress in Brussels. At that meeting it became apparent that important differences in perception of severity existed among participants of the Workshops.

The European Commission has proposed FELASA to create a ‘Road Show’ of this Workshop on Severity Classification of Procedures in the various Member States, to allow for promoting a consistent approach.
These Workshops, organised by the National Associations, allow great interaction with the hosts through review of specific ‘lived-through’ examples.
This FELASA Workshop, proposed during the 2017 annual ARSAL Symposium, will be the first held in Romania. Participation is FREE
Nevertheless, given the interactive nature of this Workshop, the number of participants to this first Workshop is limited to 48 and subscription is obligatory.
For logistical reasons, only participants to the ARSAL Symposium will be allowed to participate.
If needed supplementary Workshops can be planned at later dates.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
Workshop organised by ARSAL